Thank you for your interest in our services, and welcome to our new website.

We provide your business with our virtual services. Join our virtual network to get your business going:

  1. start-ups
    We assist you by setting up your own business...
  2. web presence and hosting
    We realize your internet presence and take care of all registrations...
  3. digital signage
    We offer professional and customized digital signage solutions - from the idea to the content management. We support your project as a consultant, designer, installer and on request also in financing. You choose what role we play for you.
  4. WiFi hotspot
    Todays guest expect free WiFi access at your place. We make it happen, secure for shure...
  5. accountancy / business software as a service (SaaS)
    Our expertise is in the doing of Accounting transactions of all kinds, as well as the unwinding of all payroll processes. From payroll to the declaration of the social insurance. We also provide support in tax matters in connection with periodic payments (VAT, etc.).
  6. virtual office
    To get starting your new busines we provide you the suitable virtual office... maybe even your domicile address?
  7. ... and more
    contact us for your individual business needs

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